30 November 2006

Infernal Affairs II 4/5 (R)

Could this be the greatest trilogy since The Godfather? (obviously not with Indiana Jones and Back To The Future out there)

29 November 2006

The Prestige 5/5 (C)

Maybe not completely worthy of 5/5 but 24 hours later and I'm still thinking about it, so why not?

28 November 2006

The Searchers 4/5 (C)

So often with 'classic' films it's more a case of appreciating and admiring them than actually enjoying them. When presented to a modern audience they can seem influenceable but often appear dated and quite boring. Not the case with The Searchers. At times it does look it's age but it is still watchable throughout and it's influence on Star Wars is obvious . My only real concern was having a murdering racist as the main character and not knowing if that was a reflection of the times of the story or the times of the film.

25 November 2006

Infernal Affairs 4/5 (R)

Seeing as The Departed is one of my favourite films of the year I was looking forward to finally seeing the original especially as most people seemed to think this was the better film. I can't decide which I prefer, I probably like them both equally but in different ways. Infernal Affairs is a lot tighter but lacks the character development (not that it suffers) and humour of the Scorsese film.

American Splendor 4/5 (D)

22 November 2006

Inside Deep Throat 2/5 (R)

Uninspiring documentary about an interesting story. Disappointing.

21 November 2006

20 November 2006

Casino Royale 4/5 (C)

After Powers and Bourne it was clear that the Bond franchise would have to do something different in order for it to survive. The casting of Daniel Craig, an effective trailer and the involvement of Paul Haggis made this the only Bond film I've ever been interested in seeing; and it didn't disappoint. Occasionally it verges on the edge of ridiculousness with hammy lines and dodgy moments but it never takes these too far that they become laughable, in fact they almost seem a parody of former Bonds.

19 November 2006

18 November 2006

Modern Times 4/5 (D)

Lawrence of Arabia 3/5 (R)

This may well be a great film but for me the moments of boredom far outweigh the moments of excellence. If it had been a lot shorter (most of the 1st hour seemed unnecessary) I'm sure I would have liked it a lot more.

15 November 2006

My Little Eye 2/5 (R)

Great idea that ultimately doesn't work. Over stylised to a point of irritation. At times it feels like it's descended too far into ridiculousness to ever recover but surprisingly it does. The satisfying climax only makes you wish that they'd tried harder in the middle of the film.

11 November 2006

09 November 2006

08 November 2006

Borat 4/5 (C)

05 November 2006

02 November 2006