29 March 2008

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade 4.5/5 (T)

Now that's better! (After the disappointment of Doom)

24 March 2008

23 March 2008

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom 3/5 (T)

A massive disappointment after the practically flawless Raiders.

Mansfield Park 3/5 (R)

16 March 2008

15 March 2008

Kingdom of Heaven 2/5 (R)

Overlong, disjointed and boring. If the first 90 minutes could be cut down to a coherent hour (or preferably less) then this might have been an okay film.

Apparently the Director's Cut is much better but I'd be reluctant to sit through an even longer version of the story.

14 March 2008

Anything Else 3/5 (R)

Fantastic Four 1/5 (R)

I thought it couldn't be as bad as everybody says but there really is nothing to recommend.

11 March 2008

Be Kind, Rewind 2.5/5 (C)

It's a mess but an enjoyable mess. Should have been a lot better though.

09 March 2008

07 March 2008

Collateral 3/5 (R)

Still looks fantastic but didn't seem as good on this second viewing.

05 March 2008

04 March 2008

03 March 2008

01 March 2008

I Am Sam 3.5/5 (R)

Great performances but there's something not quite right about the story.