24 February 2007

The Cat Returns 3/5 (R)

Charming enough, but nothing that special.

23 February 2007

Superman 2/5 (R)

At first I thought the first hour was just dull because it feels like I've already seen the origin story many times before. But then it didn't seem to get much better and just when it felt like it might have (by which time I had already lost interest) it goes and spoils it all by being totally ridiculous, even for a comic book film.

The quality of this version was also pretty appalling, I don't know why ITV even showed it in this state.

I was also going to say that there is probably a perfectly fine 90 minute film tucked away somewhere in the excessive 2+ hours running time.

22 February 2007

18 February 2007

17 February 2007

This Film Is Not Yet Rated 3/5 (C)

Land and Freedom 3/5 (C)

Might actually be better but I only got to half watch it and missed quite a lot.

Apocolypto 3/5 (C)

15 February 2007

11 February 2007

09 February 2007

Gerry 3/5 (R)

Rather like Tony Takitani and Van Sant's Last Days I ended up liking this much more than I thought I would whilst I was actually watching it. Long, drawn out beautiful shots that regularly test the patience and seemingly no real plot often make it (I was going to say difficult to watch, but it's very easy on the eye) appear boring.

It's probably a case with all of these films that they are pieces of art rather than entertainment.

08 February 2007

Tony Takitani 2.5/5 (R)

Actually I quite liked this but I was too tired, it was too slow and despite only being 75 minutes it seemed far too long so I didn't actually enjoy it.

04 February 2007

Blithe Spirit 3/5 (R)

Wolf Creek 4/5 (R)

Why that last shot? Why?

03 February 2007

Tombstone 2/5 (R)

Occasionally feels like it's suddenly going to get very good, but then never does. There also seemed to be something wrong (I assume) with this version which made it look like a cheap TV film which was distracting. Val Kilmer was great though.