30 December 2006

Limelight 5/5 (D)

It seems slow at the start, which makes it too long, but the by the end of the film you can easily forgive any of it's flaws. A truly remarkable film.

Holes 3/5 (R)

28 December 2006

Monkey Business 2/5 (R)

I'm sorry, I guess I just don't get The Marx Brothers.

5 Children and It 2.5/5 (R)

Thirteen Days 3.5/5 (R)

25 December 2006

24 December 2006

Unknown White Male 2.5/5 (R)

I was interested in this film when it got a limited cinema release earlier in the year. At that time I didn’t know there was some doubt about the authenticity of the film. However whilst watching it, the thought that it was all a hoax just grabbed hold at the start and wouldn’t let go. Things didn’t add up, other things seem to contradict and there was just the feeling that if anybody were going to fake the whole thing it would be this group of people. The problem is that the film whether it is a hoax or not should remain interesting throughout and for me this didn’t.

23 December 2006

The Da Vinci Code 3/5 (D)

When you're expecting something to be bad it often turns out not to be as bad as everyone was making out. Ron Howard's adaptation is far far too long (but the same can be said about most films these days) and feels like it could have been so much better. Ultimately it's a disappointment, highlighting the problems with the story rather than the sense of mystery but it's watchable never the less.

16 December 2006

Full Metal Jacket 4/5 (R)

Few things can equal the outstanding first half of Full Metal Jacket, including it's own last half.

Blow Out 3/5 (R)

14 December 2006

The Great Dictator 3/5 (D)

An incredibly powerful and quite remarkable film that sadly doesn't hold up throughout it's excessive running time

04 December 2006

03 December 2006

Shaolin Soccer 3/5 (R)

Considering I was underwhelmed by Kung Fu Hustle and don't like football; I wasn't really expecting much from this. But I had a good time it was enjoyable fun.

La Belle et le bĂȘte 3.5/5 (R)

Nurse Betty 3/5 (R)

Switchblade Romance 4/5 (R)

Grabs you at the start and never lets go, until the last 10 minutes which then ruins what passed before. Up until that point it really is terrifyingly beautiful.

Infernal Affairs III 3.5/5 (R)

It's quite possible that I under appreciated this film. It was too late, I was slightly tired (i.e drunk) and didn't quite follow what was going on.

02 December 2006

Mondovino 2/5 (R)

If a point was trying to be made then it was lost amongst the unnecessary long running time, irritating camera work and little things like white captions on pale backgrounds.