31 May 2007

Zodiac 4/5 (C)

Good solid story, great performances and wonderful cinematography. It's quite depressing the cinemas are saturated with dross like Pirates and there appears to be no real effort to show films like this.

29 May 2007

27 May 2007

22 May 2007

20 May 2007

Monster House 3/5 (D)

The motion capture is a bit freaky, so it's like watching live action only you know it isn't. The film had the potential to be a great mixture of The 'burbs and The Goonies but sadly never really reaches that potential and ends up being a bit silly.

17 May 2007

Fast Food Nation 3/5 (C)

Engaging first half but then then it seems to unnecessarily drag on.

15 May 2007

Idiocracy 3.5/5 (D)

The fact that this never got a proper cinema release only goes to show how close to the portrayed future we actually are.

14 May 2007

This Is England 5/5 (C)

Brilliant from start to finish.

12 May 2007

The Aristocrats 4/5 (R)

Still great but not as good without an audience (especially one with people who'll walk out in disgust)

08 May 2007

Sunshine 4.5/5 (C)

A wonderful film let down only by a messy ending. Now that some time has passed, it doesn't seem as bad as I initially thought but that could be because I've consciously tried to forget/block how it was executed. If only somebody had piped up and pointed out how silly it was I perhaps could have given it full marks.

07 May 2007

02 May 2007

01 May 2007

Ginger Snaps: Unleashed 4/5 (R)

Excellent sequel.