28 July 2014

Jaws, 1975 - ★★★★★

The final screening of Sneaky Expeirence weekend at Leeds Dock with high hopes that the promises of sorting out the sound would be met. The beach and BBQ were still present and actors portraying more familiar roles (the mayor reassuring us that it was safe to go in the water). A small shark fin made an appearance in the water and casued suitable panic but was really too small to be that effective - they're gonna need a bigger shark.

Indoors to the film, to a new room and sound system. More re-enactment and photo opportunities with the caught (inflatable) shark. After a few false starts the film got underway and it remains as great as it always has been. I'd not seen Jaws properly until a few years ago and I've seen it at least twice since and it's pretty flawless.

The greatness can best be described by me deciding that, after a few beach side drinks, a trip to the toilet was in order. I'd wait until the next quite moment in the film to make the trip. I was waiting until the end credits. Not a single moment is wasted throughout the entire film. I'm starting to wonder if Jaws will become my summer equivalent of It's A Wonderful Life of films I watch on an annual basis.

July 28, 2014 at 02:06PM

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