17 September 2014

Lucy, 2014 - ★★★

Even a suggestion that this may be a return to form for Luc Besson was enough to hook me in. Things start of well with a good opening with an English speaking Pilou Asbæk followed by one of the best scenes of the year as Lucy finds herself in a hotel room with a mysterious locked briefcase. Unfortunately things start going wrong soon after, ironically the more Lucy untaps her full potential the dumber the film becomes. It's hard to sympathise with Lucy after she performs what seem like unnecessary acts of violence. It's also difficult to take her powers seriously, it may be intentional that they seem so far fetched and unbelievable to our normal human brains but it only comes across as silly. Smarter writing could've easily conveyed the same intention in more believable ways, I also struggle with the believability of various X-Men's powers but they are presented in a context that you buy into and go along with. It seems many people completely lose patience by the time Lucy unlocks the full potential of her brain but I actually came back on board here, far-fetched to the point of enjoyment and bizarrely reminiscent of The Tree Of Life and 2001, whereas most of the rest of the film feels like the dull generic action films Besson has been producing for the last decade.

Plus it works as a prequel to both Her and Under The Skin which is perhaps the most unintentionally fascinating thing about Lucy.

September 17, 2014 at 01:28PM

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