14 October 2014

Gone Girl, 2014 - ★★★★

It's a few days since I saw Gone Girl and I'm still wondering exactly what I can say about it. Part of that is not wanting to give anything away even though I suspect there is an awful lot to enjoy here even if you are familiar with the novel or are watching for a second time. On the face of it the story seems fairly conventional and despite the structure of the film (and I'm told, the book) there isn't a lot that's really original. It's true that all those different elements may not have appeared in the same film before and perhaps that's part of the problem; it often feels like you've been jerked from one film to another or some character has walked in from a different film set. But that's also part of the joy. As the story unravels it also appears to become less conventional but I'm not sure if it ever truly does. Throughout there is a constant nagging that Fincher is capable of more and I kept hoping for something smarter in the structure of the film or the unravelling of the mystery. I also found myself wanting to revisit some of his earlier work, does Gone Girl shine a different light on The Game or Panic Room or even Alien 3? How would have this played out if it had been made as a 12 part TV series for Netflix or HBO?

On top of all these questions and mixed feelings about how the film was made, the actual story brings up so many interesting points that I haven't had even begun to think about. Everything I read or hear seems to bring up a new issue and again highlights that there is so much more going on with Gone Girl than initial appearances suggest.

October 14, 2014 at 11:19PM

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