15 May 2016

Captain America: Civil War, 2016 - ★★★★

It's hard not to think about Batman V Superman throughout Civil War. I can't help but feel that the reason Marvel's latest is being heralded as their best is partly down to just how bad Dawn Of Justice was. The two films share many similarities but Civil War understands nearly everything that BvS:DoJ got wrong and is executed with love care and attention. There are some problems though, the story is quite weak and Captain America remains the dullest Avenger. I struggled to remember the Winter Soldier storyline or the importance of the friendship with Bucky so the emotional drive was missing for me. Perhaps it doesn't matter how we get to the central fight but it feels nearly as ridiculous as BvS and certainly feels like they could easily resolve matters just by talking to each other. But that airport fight is just fantastic, with all (twelve?) characters working together brilliantly whilst retaining their own identity and the tone of their individual films. It's the two new characters that stand out as the most interesting things in the whole film and has piqued my interest in their upcoming films when I previously had little interest; compare this to BvS where the other characters were bluntly introduced like a paid for piece of product placement.

So everything continues along and is a huge amount of fun but once again the climatic scenes don't work. The final battle is another tedious punch 'em up that reminded me of Iron Man 2. It's a shame that so many of the Marvel films fall apart towards the end. Again, the reason for the bust up feels completely unmerited and could've been sorted out with a calming conversation but I guess Captain America: Coffee and Chat doesn't have quite the same ring to it.

May 15, 2016 at 03:58PM

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