24 August 2016

Suicide Squad, 2016 - ★★

The opening 20 minutes are so badly edited it actually hurt to watch. Things don't get much better although the way the rest of the footage is butchered may actually disguise just how nonsensical the plot really is. Deadshot and Harley Quinn just about save the film but even they aren't given much to do. Viola Davis is good but it feels too early to form an opinion on Leto's Joker (this really wasn't the best way to introduce the character). Everybody will probably agree that Cara Delevingne is just awful - one of the worst performances I've ever seen - but even she isn't the worst part of the film. It's the use of music throughout the film that is just horrendous, nearly always awful choices that take so much away from the scenes.

August 24, 2016 at 10:51PM

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