01 October 2016

The Counselor, 2013 - ★★

At the end of the film I was asked "so what actually happened to The Counsellor", I flippantly replied "nothing" which is unfair but also kind of true. Of course things do happen throughout the film but it never feels like anything of any interest.

When this was shown on Film4 people on Twitter were suggesting the original bad reviews were unfair and it wasn't that bad, perhaps it isn't bad but it just feels like a waste of time. With the people involved it should've been better. Ridley Scott has made bad films before, it was Cormac McCarthy first screenplay so he was untested but for me it was
Michael Fassbender who disappoints the most, I didn't realise it was possible for him to act badly.

October 01, 2016 at 02:47PM

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