27 December 2016

A Christmas Story, 1983 - ★

For years I've seen this come up in American lists of the greatest Christmas films (as well as the odd Christmas quiz) and wondered why it wasn't really known in the UK. I've known about it for some time now and kept a look out and as far as I know it still hasn't been shown on British TV that much. At least now I know why; it's absolutely awful and perhaps the best example of an anti-Christmas Christmas film.

It's an awful story about an awful child. It's badly told, filmed, acted and narrated. Nearly everybody in the film behaves terribly I assumed that there was going to be a Scrooge-like lesson learnt when they all stopped being such insufferable little shits and learnt the value of Christmas. Instead they continue to lie, deceive, lust after guns, bully, fight, disrespect each other and generally be horrible to each other. There is one moment when the father reveals the present that actually feels magically but the kid really doesn't deserve it so even that's tainted. Just when you think it's all over it throw in a bit of casual racism in case you hadn't suffered enough.

An awful film and a terrible Christmas movie.

December 27, 2016 at 06:27PM

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