05 March 2016

High-Rise, 2015 - ★★★½

As I was watching High-Rise I could tell it was a film I'd want to revisit. This may have been because it felt like it had already been around for a long time, as if it was actually made in the 70's and not just set then. There's also so much going on that I'm sure I missed out on lots of things. The dreamlike (or more accurately nightmarish) quality of the film also slips over you.

Unfortunately I think my appreciation of the film was marred by the venue. On Twitter I described the Everyman as a bar that happens to show films rather than a cinema that serves food and drinks. Leed's screen 3 was better than some of the other screens used during the film festival but still quite bad. Far too hot, the screen too low and obscured by the many bobbing heads constantly nipping out to the bar or toilet. Music from the bar drifted into the screen when the doors were open and the noise and smell of food provided another distraction. I've also never seen trailers before a preview screening especially not when the director was present to introduce the film. The trailers for The Secret Life of Pets, Zootropolis and Kung Fu Panda 3 also seemed inappropriate for the audience and one of them was in 3D before a 2D film. This all pushed the start time back meaning I would have missed the last train home, fortunately I'd decided to drive so I could stay for the excellent Q&A.

I know it's wrong to use the bulk of the review to complain about the venue but it really did detract from the whole experience.

Fortunately the Q&A with Wheatley was very interesting and enjoyable.

March 05, 2016 at 12:26PM

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