19 March 2014

Warm Bodies, 2013 - ★★★½

Even after the fantastic opening scene (which would have made my scenes of the year list) I was still thinking this is a great concept but how can they possibly pull it off. They do but that though never goes away. As each new element of the story is introduced my initial reaction was "well you made that last bit work but you've taken things too far now" but somehow it all worked. It's unfair to be so judgmental when the film constantly proves itself to be incredibly well made, smart, warm, romantic and funny.

It does fall apart a bit towards the end when there's an over reliance on CGI, ill-judged adversaries (why are they taller than everybody else?) and boring action sequences (this is the failing of nearly every mainstream film). It shouldn't work but it does, again and again and deserves to be seen and enjoyed by more people.

March 19, 2014 at 06:45PM

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